Volunteer Workers

We LOVE our volunteers!


Anyone who volunteers to work a shift of at least 2 hours (whether or not you are selling items in the sale itself), may shop before the sale opens to the public. This is from 6:30 pm until we close at 9:00pm on the Thursday prior to the sale. YOU WILL BE LET IN AT 6:30 PM!

Anyone selling items in the sale and not volunteering to work a shift, shops on Thursday too, but from 7:30pm-9:00pm only. YOU WILL BE LET IN AT 7:30PM!
If applicable, you will receive one ticket per consignor or volunteer/ family (no matter how many shifts you sign up for) that allows you to be admitted at the appropriate time. Tickets are non-transferable.


It’s easy! You can sign up for a volunteer shift at this link. If you are consigning, please do NOT volunteer during your drop-off appointment. Allow at least 15 minutes between your shift and appointment. You must work the full shift to be eligible for the extra 10% commission. If you need childcare, please review our childcare guidelines carefully. Childcare is only available for certain shifts and must be requested via email.


Childcare is only available while volunteering for Kid’s Kloset, not while shopping. It is not available for all work shifts. The shifts that have childcare are designated as such online, check them carefully. Shifts with childcare fill quickly and will be closed to volunteers who need childcare when we reach the capacity of children we can care for. No Exceptions! Register early if you need childcare!

Childcare must be reserved in advance of the sale and children must be pre-registered. If not reserved in advance, childcare will not be available. If you sign up for a shift that has childcare, you have not automatically enrolled your child(ren). You must email us at volunteers@saintjohnkidskloset.com. and tell us the shift you registered for, your children’s name(s) and age(s).

Children must be at least 2 years old to be in childcare at Kid’s Kloset. Childcare is available for no longer than a 3 hour shift per child per day. Children are not allowed in the gym while the parent is volunteering.

Every child must be checked in by the parent at the childcare registration table when arriving and must be picked up by the parent only.

All of the child’s personal items must be labeled (i.e. no-spill sipper cups, bottles, diapers, bags, etc.) Labels will be available at the registration table if needed. Please dress your child appropriately for indoor and outdoor play and include a change of clothes.

For the protection of all children and volunteers, please DO NOT bring your child if she/he is ill. The Health Department sets the following guidelines, which is what we follow. If a child exhibits any of these symptoms within the past 24 hours, she/he will not be allowed in Kid’s Kloset childcare: Fever of 100 or more, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting, undiagnosed rashes or other skin conditions, on-going cough, sore throat, earache, signs of common childhood illnesses, such as German measles, chickenpox, mumps, influenza, colds, etc., runny eyes or runny nose. A child will not be allowed in childcare if they have been absent from school within the past 24 hours. If your child becomes ill while in childcare, you will be asked to take him/her home immediately. Childcare workers will not administer medication.

Do not pack any food containing peanuts for your child.

Be sure to notify us if your child will not be in childcare after all or if you need to make last minute changes to your shift and we have passed the cutoff date for making changes online.

Questions about childcare? Please email us at volunteers@saintjohnkidskloset.com.


We need you for the entire shift you sign up for. This means shopping must be done either before or after your shift and not during. Please do not plan to come late or leave early unless there is an unforeseen emergency.

You can sign up, change your shift, or cancel it online, until the cutoff deadline (usually 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday before the sale).
Children are not allowed in the gym to help while volunteering. Set up and breakdown especially are just too dangerous in the gym for children.


We cannot run our sale without our volunteers or consignors, so as a thank you to them we allow them to shop on Thursday evening before the sale opens to the public on Friday morning! No one will be admitted without a ticket.

All volunteers who work a shift of at least 2 hours (whether or not you are selling items in the sale itself), may shop from 6:30 pm until we close at 9 pm. Sorry, but no early birds!

Anyone selling items in the sale and not volunteering to work a shift, shops on Thursday also, from 7:30pm-9:00pm only. Again, no early birds!

One ticket per seller or volunteer/family (no matter how many shifts you sign up for) that allows admittance at the appropriate time, will be provided. Early shopping times are for the seller or volunteer only and only that person will be admitted to shop. Tickets are non-transferable.

Childcare is not available. Children shopping with adults, must remain with that adult AT ALL TIMES for their own safety. Children, no matter what age, should never be left alone ANYWHERE while you shop. This includes the church playground.


We need to feed our volunteers during setup and the sale! Slots for food, drinks, snacks, etc. are on are online at Signup.com.  Items may be homemade or store-bought. Use the link below to sign up. Food volunteers do not qualify for early shopping privileges, but please know the donations are greatly appreciated!

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp