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All Volunteer Workers receive early shopping privileges!

(See below for details)

Consignors who volunteer AND work at least one full shift earn 70% of their sale proceeds.


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Our online volunteer registration is now closed, but you can email our volunteer team to sign up using the button below!

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sign up to help provide food for our sale!


See Upcoming Sale Information For Specific Online Volunteer Registration Cutoff Dates & Times
After registration, you will need to call (502) 228-2897, ext. 1700 or email: volunteers@saintjohnkidskloset.com

Our sale is growing and we always need volunteer workers. Volunteering helps you understand how the entire sale operates, and you begin to understand why the consignor process is so precise. If you are not a consignor, volunteering helps you see how much fun it is and how easy it is to earn money for your “stuff”!

A few things to remember when volunteering:

  • Childcare for volunteers is available at two shifts (Thursday morning and early afternoon as noted on the online list of shifts).  CHILDREN MUST BE AT LEAST TWO YEARS OLD and the number of children is limited.  If childcare is needed, you MUST sign up for a shift where it is available and then you MUST email us at volunteers@saintjohnkidskloset.com and give the specifics of your children  (how many, age, etc.) to reserve childcare.

  • Childcare is first come, first serve and does have a maximum. Register early to be sure to get your needed slots.

  • If you sign up for a shift that has childcare, you have not automatically enrolled your child(ren). You must email us at volunteers@saintjohnkidskloset.com. and give us the shift you registered for, your children’s name(s) and age(s).

  • If consigning AND volunteering, do not overlap your drop off time with your volunteer worker time. Allow at least 15 minutes between times for parking, etc..

  • We need you for the entire shift you sign up for. This means shopping must be done either before or after your shift and not during. Please do not plan to come late or leave early unless there is an unforeseen emergency.

  • Consignors who volunteer  MUST work the entire shift (no leaving early or coming late, etc.) to qualify for 70% of their proceeds. No exceptions will be made whatsoever.
  • You can sign up, change your shift, or cancel it online,  until the cutoff deadline.

  • Volunteer worker slots for food, drinks, snacks, etc. are on are online at Signup.com.  Click on the link above or call (502)228-2897, ext. 1700 to leave a message if you can help with these. Or, send us an email at volunteers@saintjohnkidskloset.com.

  • Food volunteers do not qualify for early shopping privileges. We must fill all volunteer worker slots before we can begin to offer this.

  • Children are not allowed in the gym to help while volunteering. Set up and breakdown especially are just too dangerous in the gym for children.

  • Childcare Guidelines can be viewed here.                    


  • Anyone who volunteers to work a shift of at least 2 hours (whether or not you are selling items in the sale itself), may shop before the sale opens to the public. This is from 6:30 pm until we close at 9:00pm on the Thursday prior to the sale. YOU WILL BE LET IN AT 6:30 PM!

  • Anyone selling items in the sale and not volunteering to work a shift, shops on Thursday too, but from 7:30pm-9:00pm only. YOU WILL BE LET IN AT 7:30PM!

  • If applicable, you will receive one ticket per consignor or volunteer/ family (no matter how many shifts you sign up for) that allows you to be admitted at the appropriate time. Tickets are non-transferable.

  • Early shopping times are for the consignor or volunteer only and only that person will be admitted to shop.

  • Childcare is not available and if you bring children in order to shop for them, they must remain with you AT ALL TIMES.


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MOPS supports our sale through Volunteer Workers and Food Donations!