Important Consignor Tips

We are always looking for ways to help our consignors increase their sales, so we are sharing some tips we’ve learned from previous sales.  We hope you’ll find them helpful!

Check clothing to make sure it is free of stains, tears, pet hair, etc.  All zippers must work and no buttons should be missing.  SJKK reserves the right to return/donate any items that are dirty, stained, in disrepair, etc.

Any electronic item must have working batteries. 

Secure your items!!  Sturdy rubber bands work well on puzzle and game boxes so pieces don’t fall out.  Zip ties are great to attach multi-piece items such as a folding chair with a cover or a dollhouse with accessories.  They also work well for many shoes (just don’t fasten them so tightly that the shoes can’t be tried on).

When using tape to secure pieces, please be sure that removing the tape won’t also remove material, paint or decals from the item.

Remember that games and puzzles must have all pieces!

Please use WHITE paper only for your tags!  Our scanners do not always work well on colored paper, which can hold up the line at drop-off and check-out.

For non-clothing items without a size, please select “Leave Blank” instead of the default “0.”  If it is something like bedding with a size such as “twin,” select “See Description” and put the size in the description.


Do you have a tip/trick you’d like to share?  If so, please leave a comment. 

2 Replies to “Important Consignor Tips”

  1. Lynne says:

    When I run out of pants hangers, I use big safety pins and pin through the waist band to top of hanger so they don’t slide around and bunch up.

  2. Catherine Detweiler says:

    If you have a toy that requires assembly and is not in the original packaging, take a picture of it all put together and put it on the item so potential buyers knows what it looks like and what’s included.

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