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See Upcoming Sale Information For Specific Dates & Times.  Registration allows you to sell at the online and in person sales, or just either one if you prefer.

Returning Consignor Registration Returning Consignor: Use consignor number and password from last sale. Click on the link to the left and register for upcoming sale. Forgot your Consignor Number or Password? Click on the link to the left, and below “Login” click on the appropriate question. Your Consignor Number will be sent via email, and you can reset your password.
New Consignor Registration New Consignor: Click on the link to the left. (Please Note: The landing page will only be available once Registration has opened for the upcoming sale.) A consignor number will be assigned, then create a password. This allows access to all other areas for a consignor.  Sign up for a drop off time, and/or volunteer shift, inventory sheets, print tags, etc. Then for future sales, as a returning consignor, use the same consignor number and password to register. Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent with a reminder of the registration consignor number and password.


Once registered, choose to receive an email notification of each upcoming sale.

Please be sure to “un-register” if you cannot sell at a particular sale after all, but do this as soon as possible so someone else can take that spot. Once all available spots are taken, further registration will not be allowed, whether you are a new or returning consignor. So register early! (Be sure to remove all pop-up blockers on your browser.)

You must have an email address to register. If you do not or do not have access to one, you may call us at 228-2897, ext. 1700.

Questions about registration can be emailed to

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Drop-off is by appointment only.  Schedule your appointment via the

Consignor Homepage
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Deadline: See Upcoming Sale Information For Specific Dates & Times
Once registered, all consignors must schedule a drop-off appointment. They fill up fast and once all spots are taken, registration is closed. The link is only available to Registered Consignors.

  • Slots are in shifts of 15 minutes each, and are available Wednesday (evening only) and Thursday (daytimedropoff only) the week of the sale.
  • Items cannot be brought into the church until your scheduled drop-off time. Changes to a time can be made online, but only if another slot is open and this function closes on the deadline above. After that, you must call (228-2897, ext. 1700) or email us (
  • The drop-off schedule is usually full and not flexible. If arriving early or late for your scheduled appointment, there is no guarantee your slot will be available when you do arrive. It will depend on the situation with current, on-time appointments. On-time drop-offs will take precedence, especially when a consignor is late.

  • Drop-off is in the area by the church offices (large covered entrance at the rear of the church by gym). Follow the parking lot to the back of the church.  Do not park in the circle under the overhang unless it is your exact appointment time.

  • There will be a few wagons to help with larger, bulky items. Large outdoor play items will be displayed for sale outside the gym entrance door so ask when you arrive what to do if you have these items.

  • The seller must assemble all large items such as cribs, toddler beds, large outdoor sets, etc., once checked in. Bring necessary tools and assistance you need to do this. We won’t have the extra hands to help. Items shouldn’t be assembled with every screw and bolt, just enough to hold it together safely, taping the rest of the hardware (in a Ziploc bag) securely to the item. It’s the responsibility of the buyer to disassemble and remove large items. If all pieces are not with an item, it will not be sold. No exceptions.
  • Another approach would be to take a picture at home of large items fully assembled and then bring it bundled/packaged together, all pieces/nuts/screws, etc. tapped securely to it. Attach an enlarged picture with full description and as much detail as possible for the buyer to make a decision.
  • Children must stay with you at all times while you are dropping off your items. Please remember there is only a 15 minute window for drop-off (and parking your car under the overhang) if small children will accompany you. Babysitting is not available.

Questions concerning drop-off can be emailed to

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preparing items for sale: sorting

  • Consignors may consign a maximum of 150 items and a minimum of 20 items at each sale.

  • Wash all items – they must be clean. If presented well, they sell well. We cannot accept stained or badly worn clothing or anything with missing buttons or holes, etc. Bring only clothing for the season the sale represents. Be sure to check over infant/ toddler clothing very carefully. Stains from formula and food can be tricky to see but becomes obvious under the bright lights in our gym.

  • Sort clothes according to category so it will be easier to enter the inventory online, since the category box will stay prefilled until you change it. For example, group all boy’s clothes together, girl’s clothes, toys, books, etc.

  • Separate shoes and accessories by gender and attach any accessories that coordinate with a particular outfit.

  • We cannot accept car seats of any kind unless they are part of a GENTLY USED stroller system and have never been in an accident. We cannot accept safety helmets unless they are brand new.

  • All toys must be in good, working condition with absolutely NO pieces missing. Any electronic items MUST HAVE WORKING BATTERIES so shoppers can be sure they work!

  • For a quicker check-in at your appointment,  “rubber-band” your clothing in stacks of 10 . . . making it easier to transport!

  • When the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) was signed into law on 8/14/2008, it became unlawful to sell recalled products. Saint John will not accept any recalled products for sale, antique items relating to children since they are likely to exceed the allowed lead limit, car seats of any kind or used safety helmets. Consignors must check the CPSC website ( for recalled children’s products to be sure the items they are selling have not been recalled.

  • The most stringent crib standards yet from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ( took effect on June 28, 2011. These new standards prohibit the sale of traditional drop-side rail cribs, require strengthened crib slats and mattress supports, improve the quality of hardware and mandate more overall rigorous testing.  Due to these standards, cribs dated before 2012 cannot be resold.

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preparing items for onllne sale: packaging/photographing

Consignors may consign a minimum of 20 items and a maximum of 150 items at each sale.    

  • Clothing that is presented well will sell better!   Button, zip, tie, etc. each piece. Anything that is badly wrinkled can be tossed in the dryer with a damp towel and will look much more presentable.

  • If an outfit has any matching accessories (e.g.. socks, hair bows), be sure to photograph them together (for online sale).  For drop-off, place in a Ziploc bag and pin the bag to the front of the garment with a safety pin.

  • Smaller, similar items can be grouped together to count as one item. For example, 4 – 5 onesies can be put together and priced accordingly. Same with electronic games, bibs, socks, hair accessories, books, DVDs, etc. It is best to use thick rubber bands wrapped both ways (vertical and horizontally) to secure them together for drop-off.

  • For drop-off, tape all bags and boxes closed so items cannot fall out.

  • The best way to keep shoes together for drop-off is to use a plastic zip tie to hold them together, but only if the tag can be secured without damaging the shoes.  Otherwise place  shoes, socks etc. in Ziploc bags. 2-gallon Ziploc bags (and larger) can be used for larger size shoes. Ziploc bags must close. Tape tag securely on the outside, but do not cover the bar code.

  • Online Sale Only: You will need to upload a photograph of each item for the online sale.  Please make sure you have good lighting and show the item at its best.  Maximum file size is 5 MB.

  • Online Sale Only: Items do not need to be tagged for the photo, but all sold items will have to be tagged for drop-off.

  • Hangers: No hangers for online sale.  However, all clothing for in person sale MUST be on hangers.  

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preparing items for sale: pricing

  • Items must be priced at a minimum of $1.00, in whole or half dollars (i.e. $1.50, $3.00, $12.50). Be conservative when pricing so it will sell quickly, but don’t be too conservative that you are “giving” it away! Also, consider if you want the item to go for ½ price . . . will that price be too high or too low . . . and adjust accordingly.  A good rule of thumb: 20% of retail if the item is in good condition; 30% of retail if in best condition; 50% of retail if tags are still on.
    Some name brands, such as GAP, Abercrombie, Hollister, Gymboree, etc., can be raised up to another 10% over these guidelines if they are in “better” or “best” condition.

Evaluate your prices – would you pay that amount for the item?

  • Saturday of the in person sale is half-price day (there is no half-price day for the online sale). If an item is to be reduced, check the appropriate box. Once checked, this box remains checked for each new item you enter. Be sure to “uncheck” it if there is an item or items you do not want to go for half-price.

  •  Should some of your items not sell and you wish to donate them to charity after the sale, there is a box to check. Again, once checked, this box will remain checked for each item until you manually “uncheck” it for an item you do not want to donate.

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Inventory Deadline: See Upcoming Sale Information For Specific Dates & Times

Returning Consignors: Don’t be surprised if your inventory doesn’t start numbering at 1. Your old inventory remains on the system until/unless YOU choose to delete it. The system will start numbering after the highest number in your previous inventory. Don’t worry, you can still enter up to 150 items for this sale! If you want to try selling some of your inactive inventory, please be sure it is appropriate for this season’s sale.

  • Use the Consignor Homepage link to login, then click on “Work With Consigned Inventory”. When entering items, you may download our Inventory Prep Sheet (Excel or PDF) if it is easier to write your inventory down first.

  • Do not use the Enter Key to move from one field to another, use the Tab Key instead.

  • Input will go faster if items are organized by category and size. The system will always show the category, size and price of the previous item entered.

  • Categories include the following.

    • Accessories – Boys/Young Men’s (hats, socks, scarves, belts, etc.)
    • Accessories – Girls/Jrs (hats, socks, scarves, purses, jewelry, hair accessories, etc.)
    • Arts & Crafts/School Supplies
    • Bedding/Bath/Curtains (children’s items ONLY!)
    • Books
    • Children’s Décor
    • Children’s Holiday Décor
    • Clothing – Boys (All sizes must be numbers (0-18); convert any items with S-M-L sizes on tags to numbers. DO NOT USE S-M-L!)
    • Clothing – Girls  (All sizes must be numbers (0-18); convert any items with S-M-L sizes on tags to numbers. DO NOT USE S-M-L!)
    • Clothing – Juniors ( Can use numbered or Junior XS-S-M-L-XL) These are not Girl’s Clothing items which run through size 18)  IMPORTANT: Use number sizes ONLY for all children’s clothing (Sizes 0-18)
    • Costumes
    • Clothing – Young Men’s (Young Men’s S-M-L-XL; use XL for any XXL or larger items; these are not Boy’s Clothing items which run through size 18)  IMPORTANT: Use number sizes ONLY for all children’s clothing (Sizes 0-18)
    • DVD/BluRay (no VHS tapes accepted)
    • Furniture (including cribs, portable cribs, high chairs, strollers, beds, desks, etc. large items!)
    • Nursery Equipment (mobiles, intercoms, safety items, bath, etc.)
    • Shoes – Boys/Young Men
    • Shoes – Girls/Jrs
    • Sports (includes bicycles)
    • Toys
    • Video/Computer Games

Inventory Details Are Important

  • IMPORTANT SIZING INFO: Use number sizes ONLY for all children’s clothing (Sizes 0-16). Juniors can use numbered sizes or XS-S-M-L-XL. Young Men’s can use numbered sizes or S-M-L-XL.The default in the system is “0”, but please use “Leave Blank” for items (non-clothing only) with no size
  • FOR YOUNG MEN’S PANT & SHORT SIZES: Use S, M, L, XL for size, then in the description be more specific on waist/length.  Generally speaking, Small is 28/30; Medium is 31/32/33; Large is 34/36; X-Large is anything bigger that can still be worn by young men.
  • There are two lines for the description so be sure to use an accurate brief description that identifies the item. Examples: 2 pc. Oshkosh pink corduroy overalls w/flowered shirt; Old Navy sweater, blue & red stripes; Black patent leather shoes. State if an accessory is attached (i.e. Red dress w/hair bow). Should the tag/accessory become separated from the item, this would help match them again so we can put the item back on the floor.
  • Be careful to enter categories correctly, particularly GIRLS and JUNIORS. Usually clothes worn in high school would be juniors. Juniors can be entered with a XS-S-M-L-XL or number size. All clothing in GIRLS has to be entered with a number size only, so you must convert – “S” would be a size 8-10; “M” would be 12-14 and “L” would be 16 or 18 (generally speaking).
  • A set of items sold together (e.g. “4 Winnie the Pooh books”) are entered as 1 item. If you have two or more items to enter with identical sizes and descriptions (two brown t-shirts), then change the quantity to reflect the number you have and that is how many will be added to your inventory.
  • Click here to open inventory prep sheet: INVENTORY PREP SHEET.  This can be used to write down your inventory prior to entering in computer. Great to keep with your items that you store for an upcoming sale and update as you add items.


Please watch this important video with information about inventory input for our online sale.

  • For the online sale, you will need to upload a photo of each item (5 MB max).
  • Once you are sure the item is ready for sale, click that box on the item.  However, be aware that after we upload items, you will no longer be able to make changes to them!

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preparing items for sale: tagging

    • DO NOT create your own or use any other kind of tag. Use only the tags that are printed from our online system. Do not shrink the tags to fit more on a page or print them on colored paper, as they will not scan properly.  Please print them on WHITE paper.  White card stock is also acceptable, but not necessary. Colored paper may make the tags harder to scan.
    • The bar codes on each tag are extremely important since it is scanned when the item is sold. It must be clearly printed when you run your tags– not faded in any portion, have any lines through it, too dark and therefore fuzzy, etc. Do not cover it with tape when attaching the tag.  Do not use a “draft” option while printing.
    • ONLINE SALE: You will not need to tag items prior to the online sale, as new SOLD tags will be generated for items sold during the sale.  This will indicate the buyer’s information as well as the consignor’s, and these are the tags you will need to attach to your items prior to drop-off.  Watch for more information on how to print these tags as we get closer to the sale.  If you are planning to do both the online and in person sales, you may want to go ahead and put the system-generated tags on for the in-person sale.  For items that sell at the online sale, you can tape the SOLD tag over the existing tag.
    • IN-PERSON SALE: To print tags, go the Activities menu from your Consignor Home Page.  Selected “Work with consigned inventory,” then “Print tags.”  Be sure you have turned off any popup blockers on your system.  You may choose to Print All Tags or Selected Tags.  If you choose Tag Printing Options, you may print selected tags, including discounted items, donated item, all items or all unprinted tags (this will include any items you have edited since last printing tags).
    • Fasten tags to all hanging items with safety pins on the front upper right side of the garment when you are looking at the item.
  • For delicate fabrics or leather, pin to zipper pull, seam or other inconspicuous spot.  For boxes, tape tag securely (at top and sides only), being sure not to cover any pertinent information on tag.  Infant shoes and other smaller items may be sealed in Ziploc bags, with the tags securely taped to the outside.  For Toys, secure any loose pieces in a Ziploc bag and attach it to the toy (duct/masking tape or zip ties works well for this).  See pictures in packaging section.
  • Inventory can be edited anytime up until the deadline.  If item is included in Online Sale, changes may not be made once item is marked ready for sale.

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early shopping: consignors

  • Consignor Early Shopping will be Thursday, October 2, 2022 @ 7:30 pm.
  • Consignors who volunteer can begin early shopping on October 2, 2022 at 6:30 pm.
  • You will receive your early shopping ticket at your drop off appointment.
  • Ticket is for Consignor only.  If you bring your children, they must stay with you at all times.

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Any questions about preparing your items for the sale can be emailed to us at