Online Sale Information

Our online sale dates are TBD for the Fall 2022 sale.

All items for the online sale must be entered with photo and “This item is ready to be sold online” box checked by the deadline* (TBD).  No items will be added to the online store after this time.  Consignors who wish to include items in our Online Sale, please read information below.

You will add items to inventory as you normally do with 2 additional steps.  You can click here to view video instructions.

  1. All items to be sold online must have a photo uploaded. Once inventory details have been entered, click the “Choose File” button and add the correct photo.
    • It is imperative that you upload the correct photo with the correct orientation.  If the photo appears sideways or upside down on your screen, it will appear sideways or upside down on the sale page.  Fix this before you upload the file.
    • Once you have uploaded the photo, click the Camera Icon for that Item and make sure you have the correct photo.  Items with photos that don’t match the description will not sell.
  2. Once correct photos have been uploaded, consignors MUST mark the “This item is ready to be sold online” box.  If you fail to do so, your item(s) will not be exported to the sale site and will not be included in the online sale. NOTE:  Once item is marked “Ready to Be Sold Online”, consignor can no longer make changes to item details.  Please make sure all information is correct before marking this box.

  • All Consignors must schedule a Drop Off appointment.  If you are selling items in our In Person Sale as well you do not need an additional appointment.  All items will be dropped off at the same time.  Online Sold Items will have the Sold Item Tickets attached and they should be grouped separately from your other items.  This will make for an efficient Drop Off Appointment as these items are checked in differently.

We strongly encourage you to tag these items as if they were going to be on our sales floor, this will help in 2 ways.   If your item sells, your tag will assist you in identifying the correct item and the new “SOLD” tag can be taped to the original tag.  If your item does not sell online, it is ready to bring to drop off and be placed on the floor.

*This deadline will be earlier than for items that are not being entered into the online sale.  If you have items that are for the in person sale only, that deadline remains 11:59 pm on Sunday, October 2, 2022.